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A game-changer in protective eyewear

3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear provides such comfort and fit that it’s being promoted as a game-changing product—and for good reason.

“3M’s patented technology quite literally eliminates a ‘pain point’ for those who need to wear protective eyewear for several hours a day,” said Nick Eleftheriou, global business manager, Head, Eye and Face Protection, Personal Safety Division.

SecureFit protective eyewear naturally adjusts to individual head sizes, which helps reduce eyewear slippage and discomfort.

This entry-level product is designed with 3M proprietary pressure diffusion temple technology, which diffuses the pressure around the ear and enables self-adjusting temples, to provide a secure, snug fit. This makes the eyewear more comfortable and easier to wear.

3M researchers developed the pressure diffusion temple technology after studying face shapes and sizes throughout the world. Through advancements in digital modeling, the study identified approximately 600 different touch points on the human face—knowledge that guided the design and fit of this protective eyewear line.

Providing real customer benefits

The eyewear has no moving parts and nothing to adjust. Because the product self-adjusts to a wide range of head shapes and sizes, customers do not need to stock multiple frame sizes.

SecureFit protective eyewear weighs less than one ounce and is available in three shades: clear, amber and gray. The eyewear comes with either anti-fog or anti-scratch lens coatings, making it adaptable for many work environments.

“As soon as you put on these lightweight glasses you’ll feel the difference. They automatically self-adjust to provide a secure, comfortable fit each time. In fact, they are so comfortable that wearers tell us they often forget they even have them on,” Eleftheriou noted.

Expanding 3M’s market presence

This new product is helping to position 3M as a leader in the safety eyewear marketplace.

“Bringing a new 3M technology into the marketplace makes 3M a ‘go-to’ provider, and it makes this, specifically, a ‘go-to’ product,” said Eleftheriou.

SecureFit protective eyewear is being used in many industrial settings, including manufacturing sites, shipyards, and oil and gas fields to name a few, according to Deb Walker, eyewear portfolio manager, Personal Safety. “The eyewear is available in the United States through industrial distributors, and is now being launched around the world.”

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